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75' sound installation

30' album

commissioned by the City of Berkeley

[listen / download]

[city of Berkeley page]


Young people throughout the Bay Area, from kindergarteners to high schoolers, were invited to contribute a sound inspired by the place where they live -- a sound from that place they found beautiful, or a sound they might want to add to that place in order to bring it more beauty. Their recordings were assembled to create an 8-channel sound installation for the Downtown Berkeley BART plaza, as well as this album.

Special Thanks to the Participating Youth Ensembles and their Directors:
- Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir – Ensemble (dir. Eric Tuan)

  and Concert Choir (dir. Andrew Brown)
- Maybeck High School – Audio Production Class (dir. Mario Godoy)
- San Francisco School of the Arts – Orchestra and Guitar Classes

  (dir. Tristan Arnold)
- San Francisco Girls Chorus – Training Chorus (dir. Natascha Bach)
- Zion Lutheran School of San Francisco – Handbell Chorus (dir. Kyle Hovatter).

Download includes a binaural mix (headphones required) of the live installation, made by Brendan Michael West.

Cover art "East Marin Island No. 2" by Jon Fischer.

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