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four channel sound installation

in collaboration with elementary schoolers from Zion Lutheran School

Individual audio files and a combined playlist can be found here.

A pdf of the lesson plan for teachers can be found here.

An aural take on the Halloween "feel box" -- a game where participants reach into a box that claims to have something gross, i.e. eyeballs, guts, etc. and try to guess what the object is -- a group of students ages 5-7 made a list of "spooky sounds" to be created. Their study buddies, ages 9-13, then recorded and manipulated their voices and various objects to produce their own versions of these sounds. The end result is a looping audio installation with several small speakers hidden in boxes for the participant to lean in and listen to... if they dare...

Sounds collected and recorded include:

The sound of a creepy grandma saying "I see you"
The sound of evil scientist laughing
The sound of zombies moaning "brains"
The sound of footsteps on a creaky floor
The sound of slimy guts
The sound of a hand in a graveyard
The sound of a witch making eyeball jam
The sound of a forest at midnight
The sound of bones rattling
The sound of a creepy little girl singing in a dark hallway (with music box)
The sound of blood dripping
The sound of a mummy groaning
The sound of a witch cackling
The sound of lightning
The sound of a ghost wailing
The sound of a wolf howling
The sound of slithering snakes
The sound of wind in an empty house
The sound of teeth chattering
The sound of a vampire
The sound of someone saying (in a creepy way) "Are you having a nice day?"
The sound of a door slowly opening in a haunted house
The sound of a dragon gnashing his teeth
The sound of spiders crawling up your back
The sound of a thunderstorm
The sound of pure evil

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