PLAYBOOK (ongoing)

Playbook is my game-based method of making collaborative new work with professionals, students, and just about anybody, regardless of age or previous artistic experience.

Consisting of simple, playful activities that can be adapted to music, movement, theater,

and other media, Playbook is a kind of creative communication kit rooted in basic concepts

of listening, interaction and response. These activities have been utilized in a variety of different contexts, including:

  • Commissioned performance pieces for professional and amateur ensembles alike

  • Skill-building tools for music, theater and movement students of all ages

  • Creativity tools for students and professionals to build their own performance pieces

As a result, Playbook doesn't exist as a single score or set of instructions, but a loose collection of ever-evolving ideas that are tailored to the situation/instrumentation at hand.

For more information about commissioning a Playbook piece, scheduling a workshop, or receiving classroom lesson materials, please email me at

Performance Versions of Playbook to Date

  • Percussion Quartet / Percussion Ensemble (2015)

    • 9 continuous movements​, 30 minutes

    • commissioned by Third Coast Percussion​

    • adapted for performance by:

      • University of Washington Percussion Ensemble (with TCP)

      • Sam Houston State University Percussion Ensemble

      • College of Southern Idaho Percussion Ensemble

    • (several groups have expanded this collection into an evening-length recital by interspersing games from LAB BOOK​)

  • Mixed Ensemble with Voice (2017)

    • 7 interchangeable movements, 30-40 minutes

    • originally for voice, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, two percussionists

    • commissioned for the 2017 Eighth Blackbird Creative Lab​​ as "LAB BOOK"

    • adapted for performance by:

      • Eighth Blackbird​

      • Sam Houston State Universiy Percussion Ensemble

  • Mixed Ensemble (2018)

    • 5 continuous movements, about 8 minutes total

    • adapted for oboe, clarinet, violin, double bass, percussion)

    • commissioned by San Francisco Contemporary Music Players​​

  • Mixed Chorus (2018)

    • 3 movements, 15 minutes

    • commissioned by Volti for their Choral Arts Lab

Playbook Workshops to Date

  • San Francisco Girls Chorus - Pre-Chorus and Chorus School (2018)

  • Sam Houston State University - Percussion and Education Seminars (2018)

  • University of Washington - Performance Seminar (2018)

  • Stanford University - Languages About Music Seminar (2018)

  • Princeton University - Interdisciplinary Art Seminar​ (2017)

  • Stanford University - Improvisation Collective Seminar (2017)