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three week residency culminating in an afternoon-length performance

with Eighth Blackbird and the University of Richmond

Over a three week residency, a collection of music and movement-related pieces were developed in collaboration with Eighth Blackbird, students at the University of Richmond, and students from Richmond and Henrico County Public Schools. Classes that participated in testing, developing, workshopping, and realizing this RICHMOND PLAYBOOK of activities include:

  • UR Chamber Music Groups (dir. Joanne Kong)

  • UR Repertoire Class and Historical Musicology Class (dir. Joanna Love)

  • UR First-Year Seminars (dir. Dorothy Holland and Mavis Brown)

  • UR "Writing From the Body" Class (dir. Cheryl Pallant)

  • UR Contemporary Choreography Dance Class (dir. Alicia Diaz)

  • UR Partners in the Arts Workshop (dir. Rob McAdams)

  • Gamelan Raga Kusuma and UR Global Sounds Class (dir. Andy McGraw)

  • 1st-5th Grade Music Classes at Highland Springs Elementary School (dir. Will Pattie)

  • 2nd Grade Physical Education Class at Westover Hills Elementary School (dir. Nate Galloway)

These workshops culminated in an afternoon-length DAY OF PLAY featuring indoor and outdoor performances, interactive games, and processionals featuring students and professional musicians.

Read a blog post from Eighth Blackbird about the residency here.

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